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Beginner’s guide to Tasker

This is our beginner’s guide to the Android automation app Tasker. It consists of multiple parts each covering different aspects of using Tasker. The guide is meant as a more comprehensive approach than what the official Tasker user guide provides, however it’s also more selective and is best used with the existing documentation, not as a replacement for it.

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Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 8: AutoVoice

A month and a half ago, I posted a guide to AutoVoice. At that point I didn’t think I was going to end up using

June 30, 2013 Android, Apps, Tutorials

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 0: How to go about learning Tasker

Pocketables has turned into a major hub for Tasker content over the last year, and there are currently more than a hundred Tasker articles on

June 17, 2013 Android, Apps

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 1.5: Tasker basics (New UI)

Back in 2012, I wrote a beginner’s guide to Tasker that currently consists of 7 parts. With the UI overhaul that Tasker got a couple

May 15, 2013 Android, Good and EVO, Tutorials

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 7: Variable arrays

Back in part 4 of the guide, I briefly mentioned variable arrays. I said then that I wasn’t going to go into more detail, as

October 24, 2012 Android, Apps

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 6: AutoRemote

The previous 5 parts have showed how much there is to know about Tasker itself, but that’s only half the story. The extensive selection of

September 30, 2012 Android, Apps

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 5: Tips & tricks

The previous four parts of this guide have been thorough, but this is Tasker – thorough only covers a small corner. Sometimes things aren’t as

September 24, 2012 Android, Apps

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 4: Variable data processing

With the basics, variables (in general), and scenes now all covered, it’s time to dig into something a bit more specific: Processing data using Tasker

September 13, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 3: Scenes

In the first part of this guide, I covered Tasker basics, and in the second part, variables. This time, I’ll cover another of the core

September 02, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 2: Variables

In the first part of this guide I covered the basics of Tasker, and mentioned that I would go more into variables and scenes later

August 25, 2012 Android, Features, Tablets

Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 1: Tasker basics

Update: This is the original first part of the beginner’s guide, and it covers Tasker from the viewpoint of the now old UI that’s only

August 24, 2012 Android, Apps, Tablets
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