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Could this be how Dish Network finally uses all the spectrum it has been buying?

For the past few years, I’ve been watching Dish Network buy up a ton of coveted wireless spectrum, only to sit on it and do

February 25, 2015 Android, Good and EVO

Dish Anywhere Android app finally works on Android Lollipop

Dish customers, rejoice! Dish Network has finally updated its Dish Anywhere app for Android to support Android Lollipop devices. Even though Google had released a developer

December 18, 2014 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

Iliad is giving up on its futile attempts to purchase T-Mobile US

If you have never heard of Iliad before now, don’t worry – most people in the US haven’t. It’s a company that has taken the

October 13, 2014 Android, Good and EVO

Warning: The Sling app does not support Dish Network

With the recent news that the latest version of the Sling app supports the Chromecast, many Dish Network customers have displayed an increased interest in

September 24, 2014 Android, Apps, Tips & Deals

Poll results: Pocketables readers think T-Mobile needs to merge, and they would have preferred Sprint

Earlier this month, we asked you about your thoughts on a possible T-Mobile merger with some other company. After getting news that Sprint and Softbank

September 23, 2014 Android, Features, Good and EVO

Poll: Is Dish Network a better option for T-Mobile than Sprint?

According to Bloomberg over the weekend, Dish Network is once again getting serious about a bid for T-Mobile. Dish’s chairman Charlie Ergen has apparently contacted

September 08, 2014 Android, Features, Good and EVO

Dish gives up on Clearwire, nothing is in Sprint’s way now

Dish Network has finally given up on all its attempts to acquire Clearwire, clearing the way for Sprint to complete the acquisition at a lofty

June 27, 2013 Good and EVO

Sprint and Clearwire agree to merger, ending battle with Dish

It must suck to be an executive at Dish Network right now. That’s because Sprint just increased its bid for Clearwire to $5 per share,

June 21, 2013 Good and EVO

Dish concedes Sprint to Softbank, but still lusts after Clearwire

Dish Network’s June 18 deadline to submit a revised offer for Sprint has come and gone, which means that Sprint is ready to be acquired by

June 19, 2013 Good and EVO

Softbank outbids Dish for Sprint, gives Dish June 18 deadline for best and final offer

According to Reuters, Softbank has raised its bid for Sprint, beating Dish’s initial offer by 10% on a share-by-share basis. Softbank’s new offer is $21.6

June 11, 2013 Good and EVO
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