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From the DIY drawer: iOS/Android lapel microphone

When I first started doing screencasts – videos of the screen recorded using the same device – I quickly discovered that the built in mics

May 15, 2012 Accessories, Android, Apple

From the DIY drawer: Arqball Spin rotating base

The Arqball Spin is an app-slash-Kickstarter project that's simple yet brilliant in its use of looping video and HTML5 embedding. When I first saw it,

May 10, 2012 Accessories

From the DIY drawer: Device holder/dock made from a ground pad

The moment you put a case on your device, compatibility with available docks can suddenly drop to 0. Even with a naked device, docks can

May 05, 2012 Accessories

Google employee creates tablet powered, NFC-enabled beer keg

Google employs a lot of smart people, and I think that this proves that Paul Carff is one of them. He’s created a DIY automated beer keg that uses

April 30, 2012 Accessories, Android, Hacks, Tablets

From the DIY drawer: Compact Samsung USB host adapter

I have a tendency to choose the DIY route for more things than is perhaps necessary. I don't really care how something looks, so if

April 27, 2012 Accessories

Guy creates Angry Birds slingshot controller

What do you get if you take a slingshot, add an acceleometer, and write code to translate slingshot movements into mouse movements? A Slingshot controller for

February 28, 2012 Accessories, Hacks, Microsoft, Tablets

Tips and tricks for making your own accessories

Getting accessories for mobile devices can be annoying. They can be expensive, hard to find, or simply not exist at all. With Android devices the

January 13, 2012 Accessories, Hacks, Tablets

Tired of giant Samsung USB adapters? Make your own tiny one

The USB connection kit for the Samsung Galaxy Tab series is very nice, but as the main picture in my review clearly demonstrates, it isn’t exactly

January 09, 2012 Accessories, Android, Hacks, Tablets

Adding magnets to your Apple BT Keyboard keeps your bag in order

The main reason why I’ve wanted a more “iPadized” keyboard case for my iPad instead of using the otherwise great Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is for transportation

November 08, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Hacks, Tablets

How to add magnets to a Wacom Bamboo stylus

The Maglus is awesome. Having magnets in a stylus makes a world of difference when you move around a lot and want a stylus that

October 18, 2011 Accessories, Apple, Hacks, Tablets
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