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Samsung adds four new Galaxy S III colors

Samsung was “inspired by nature” when creating the Galaxy S III, so it’s only fitting that the company would also take inspiration from “the Earth’s

August 28, 2012 Android

Ting will let you bring your own phone from Sprint

We’ve always heard of people flashing their HTC EVO phones over to prepaid carriers like  Boost and Cricket, but this often involves at least some

August 24, 2012 Android, Good and EVO

Official Jelly Bean update demoed on the Samsung Galaxy S III, available for download today

As one of the more popular flagship smartphones on the market today, the Samsung Galaxy S III is a device that should be one of

August 17, 2012 Android, Software Updates

Black Galaxy S III might be coming out soon

The Galaxy S III is impressive in many ways, but I’ve never quite been able to get over the choice of available colors: blue and

August 14, 2012 Android
18 Review: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III Overall Score

Review: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

I’ve had Sprint’s variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III for a little more than two weeks now. During that time, I’ve put the phone

August 03, 2012 Reviews
3 Review: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Overall Score

Review: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

Perhaps the only smartphone to get close to the amount of hype that Apple gets every time they release a new iPhone was this year’s

July 26, 2012 Android, Reviews

Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII unboxing

Calob got his Sprint Galaxy SIII last Monday, and did a nice unboxing of the Samsung smartphone. I wasn’t planning on doing another for the

July 23, 2012 Android

Verizon Galaxy SIII getting update to unlock GSM roaming, not the bootloader

Recently, there has been quite a bit of drama and user outcry over the fact that Verizon decided to ship its version of Samsung’s Galaxy

July 16, 2012 Android

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III unboxing

I wasn’t planning on doing an unboxing of this Sprint-branded Samsung Galaxy S III, but I’m writing one up anyway. When the FedEx delivery man

July 16, 2012 Android, Features

PARANOIDANDROID making its way to more devices

It’s been a few months since the PARANOIDANDROID ROM came out on the Galaxy Nexus, and it’s really starting to pick up speed. To recap,

July 13, 2012 Android, Hacks
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