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Qi Hardware’s Ben NanoNote about as small as they come

I've never heard of this thing before, but the Ben NanoNote from Qi Hardware looks like it could possibly hide out in the tiny coin

March 15, 2010 UMPC

ITG xpPhone shown at IIC-China Expo 2010

Although we've come to know quite a lot about the ITG xpPhone over the last few months, so many of its recent appearances have been

March 09, 2010 UMPC

iriver plans to stir up e-dictionary market with WiFi-equipped, HD-capable D1000

  Android tablets seem to be a dime a dozen at CeBIT this year, but not forgetting the rest of the tech world outside Hanover,

March 05, 2010 UMPC

ITG xpPhone price list shows what you’ll be getting for your money

With the building excitement around the ITG xpPhone and the very recent news regarding its prospective price range, ITG has now posted more information on

January 21, 2010 UMPC

ITG announces official xpPhone prices

Over the past few months, we've come to know quite a bit about the ITG xpPhone. Most recently we watched as incoming phone calls awoke

January 18, 2010 UMPC

Low-end UMID mbook BZ priced, available for preorder

It isn't the higher configuration that many have been waiting for since IDF last fall, but the CES-launched UMID BZ with its predecessor's specs (1.2GHz

January 08, 2010 UMPC

Viliv gives us a sneak preview of the upcoming N5 before CES

Following the announcement of the Viliv N5 just before Christmas, I have been impatiently waiting for CES to start so we could find out more

January 04, 2010 UMPC

BPhone – is it a phone, handtop, or UMPC?

Another curious looking device has made an unexpected appearance from the land of China. Occupying that increasingly crowded line between a UMPC and phone, along

January 04, 2010 UMPC

More videos surface of the exciting ITG xpPhone

Oh ITG, why must you continue to tease us? Between all of the leaked images and specs, we are ready for this xpPhone to finally

December 28, 2009 UMPC

Up close look at the Fujitsu UH900 in all its red glory

While sure to be a polarizing handheld device, the Fujitsu UH900 definitely has some things working in its favor, and with more and more information

December 23, 2009 UMPC
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