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2013-03-25 13.50.22 1

Review: Jump Desktop for iPad

A while back, I got fed up with Splashtop’s constantly deteriorating user experience, and went looking for a new remote PC app. Having such an

March 25, 2013 Apps, Reviews, Tablets
Google Reader logo 12

The seven best alternatives to Google Reader on the web and on Android

The internet is currently throwing a huge fit about Google retiring its popular RSS reading service, Google Reader, at the end of July 1. Petitions

March 14, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
Google Reader Shut Down 10

Google just killed off the only Google service I ever cared about, and the internet is worse off for it

By now, you’ve probably heard the crushing news. Google is shutting down Google Reader – the near-ubiquitous RSS service – on July 1. This is an

March 13, 2013 Apps, Editorials
2013-03-11 18.19.28 7

Streaming 720p h264+AC3 .mkv video to the iPad mini via SMB/CIFS using XBMC (jailbreak only)

I’ve started watching more and more video on my iPad mini, all thanks to the extendable arm mount I recently got. So far I’ve simply

March 11, 2013 Apple, Apps, Tablets
ipad-dvd-burner 8

How to read from and write to CDs and DVDs from iOS and Android using the Samsung SE-208BW [Video]

Paying attention to sites that randomly have heavily discounted items often pays off. Last week, and still as of the time of this writing, MyMemory

March 07, 2013 Accessories, Android, Tablets
2013-03-07 14.56.11 0

The iPad alarm clock app would make much more sense as part of the calendar app

Apple has been, and still is, hesitant to include the same apps on the iPad that are on the iPhone. The iPad didn’t get an

March 07, 2013 Apple, Apps, Tablets
SmartGlass Tip 3

Windows 8 tip: Find SmartGlass-enabled content on Xbox Video

Announced last year at E3 and released alongside Windows 8 last fall, Xbox SmartGlass enables second-screen experiences for select Xbox 360 content on Windows, Android, and iOS

March 04, 2013 Apps, Microsoft, Tutorials
Evernote 6

Evernote security breach results in user info being compromised

Evernote, the popular online note taking suite, was compromised by hackers attempting to access “secure areas of the Evernote service.” This is according to the Evernote Operations and Security team,

March 02, 2013 Apps
splashtop-garbage 29

5 reasons I want to move away from Splashtop as my remote computer app for the iPad

Splashtop is one of my all time most used apps, and one of my key tools for using the iPad mini as a portable computer.

February 26, 2013 Apps, Tablets
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