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Google Nexus 5 availability expands with T-Mobile and Amazon

Since the Google Nexus 5 by LG was announced on Halloween, Android enthusiasts everywhere have been clamoring to get the device. Initially available only through

November 08, 2013 Android, Features, Tips & Deals
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Problems activating the Google Nexus 5 by LG on Sprint? Don’t worry – you’re not alone

If you’re having trouble activating your Google Nexus 5 by LG on Sprint, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Some Sprint users are reporting trouble

November 05, 2013 Android, Good and EVO
Nexus 5 and 7 T-Mobile launch 2

T-Mobile to carry the Google Nexus 5 by LG and new Nexus 7 by ASUS in stores November 20

Ever since T-Mobile announced free LTE data for life for most tablets and teased the new Google Nexus 7 by ASUS, people have been wondering

November 05, 2013 Android
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What you should know about the Google Nexus 5 by LG

It’s been several days now, but Google’s new flagship smartphone – the Nexus 5 by LG – has finally been announced and released to the

November 04, 2013 Android, Features
LTE LG Nexus 4 3

Will Google enable the LTE radio in existing LG Nexus 4 phones?

It looks like an LTE-enabled LG Nexus 4 has just passed through the Bluetooth SIG, with a date of October 24, 2013. While some people

October 25, 2013 Android, Editorials
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HTC, ASUS, and LG are all in the running for the next Nexus 7 tablet

HTC – the manufacturer of our beloved HTC EVO line, and the maker of the first Android smartphone – is reportedly in the running to

October 22, 2013 Android, Good and EVO, Tablets
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The LG G Pad is now for sale, starting at $349

Last month, LG announced the G Pad, a high-end yet between-standard-sizes Jelly Bean tablet. At the time of the announcement, we still didn’t know all

October 21, 2013 Android, Tablets
Mic Icon Google Keyboard 41

Android tip: How to get back your missing microphone icon on Google Keyboard

I recently performed a hard reset on my LG Nexus 4, and something strange happened: after everything restarted and I set my phone up, the

October 07, 2013 Android, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals
Power button ends call 2

Android tip: Hang up from calls by pressing the power button, no root required

One neat little feature that is built into Android is the ability to end calls by pushing the power button on your device’s hardware. Not

October 04, 2013 Android, Good and EVO, Tips & Deals
T-Mobile-Logo1 3

T-Mobile to reveal UNcarrier phase 3 on October 9

As many of you know, I recently ditched my HTC EVO 4G LTE and Sprint for the LG Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. Since then, I’ve

October 04, 2013 Android
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