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KDE Connect well, connects, your Android phone with the KDE desktop

The few Linux users who regularly follow this blog will likely remember the trouble I had getting my LG Nexus 4 to work with my

August 23, 2013 Android, Linux
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Verizon backs Ubuntu Touch phone, may bring device to the US

We’ve seen Ubuntu Touch running on a few smartphones, mostly Nexus devices, but the OS has so far been little more than a proof of

July 11, 2013 Linux

How to mount the LG Nexus 4 as a USB drive in Linux

So far, I like my Nexus 4 quite a bit, but there is one design decision that has already begun to bother me. Starting with

March 25, 2013 Android, Tutorials
Ubuntu-touch-nexus-10 7

Ubuntu Touch could allow a Nexus 10 to replace my Chromebook

Although Andreas has been using Apple’s tablet in place of a laptop for some time, I’ve been a bit more reluctant to get rid of

March 22, 2013 Android, Linux, Tablets
wine-android 0

WINE may bring Windows applications to Android

Most people outside of the Linux world haven’t heard much about WINE, the impressive program that, although not emulator, can be used to successfully run

February 04, 2013 Android, Microsoft
ubuntu-phone1 5

Canonical reveals new native Ubuntu Phone OS, will show more at CES

For quite a while, Canonical has been talking about making a mobile Ubuntu for applications in the smartphone market. At first, it sounded like the

January 03, 2013 Android, Linux

How to unlock the LG Nexus 4 bootloader with fastboot

The LG Nexus 4 may be a great device as it ships directly from Google, but one of the main features of the Nexus line

December 19, 2012 Android, Tutorials

Humble Bundle for Android 4 now live

Even though the last Humble Bundle was only less than a month ago, it seems like ages since I’ve been able to take advantage of

November 08, 2012 Android, Apps, Linux

ZTE plans to launch Mozilla Boot to Gecko based smartphones early next year

Since its inception, I’ve been covering Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project at every opportunity possible. Not only is it an good Linux-based alternative to Android,

September 19, 2012 Linux

Simple script made for Kindle Fire easily sets up ADB and fastboot on Linux

As many of you may know, I run Linux on my desktop computer and don’t have easy access to a Windows desktop that I can

August 31, 2012 Android, Linux
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