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Apple changed its “Why you’ll love a Mac” page and lost a big selling point of OS X

Apple used to make a big deal out of the security features that Mac OS X had. On its “Why you’ll love a Mac” page,

June 25, 2012 Apple
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SSD prices have dropped 48% since last year

Many new laptops – Mac and PC alike – have started to ship with either flash-based or solid-state storage. In addition to being more durable,

June 22, 2012 Apple, Linux, Microsoft
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NewsBar is a beautiful, awesome RSS reader for the Mac

Yes, I do still use RSS on a daily basis. I love being able to consolidate all of my frequently-visited sites’ articles into one  place.

June 20, 2012 Apple, Apps
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Apple is still selling refurbished 17-inch MacBook Pros for good prices

On Monday Apple updated its MacBook Airs and MacBooks Pros – but it also took away one model: the 17-inch MacBook Pro. The reasoning behind this

June 15, 2012 Apple
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What does Game Center for Mac mean for Mac gaming?

One of the WWDC keynote-featured additions to OS X Mountain Lion is Game Center for Mac. The service has been available on iOS devices since

June 13, 2012 Apple
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Apple pushes out Java update for Lion and Snow Leopard, proves Macs aren’t completely secure

For the longest time, Apple’s Mac OS X operating system had been considered one of the most secure OSes on the planet. In recent years,

June 13, 2012 Apple, Software Updates
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Why doesn’t the new MacBook Pro have its branding under the screen?

I’ve already decided that the next-generation MacBook Pro is my next laptop for a variety of reasons. But as I keep fantasizing about the device

June 12, 2012 Apple, Features
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The MacBook Pro with Retina display is my next laptop – in a year

I was relatively happy with this year’s WWDC. Tim Cook and other Apple executives unveiled some great hardware and software that has let me decide

June 11, 2012 Apple, Features
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WWDC announcement roundup, part 2: OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6

  Apple announced some great new hardware today – specifically the next-generation MacBook Pro – but the company didn’t stop with that. WWDC is a

June 11, 2012 Apple
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WWDC announcement roundup, part 1: New hardware

Apple’s WWDC 2012 keynote was today, and the company announced a variety of new products. As I predicted, the entire MacBook lineup received an incremental

June 11, 2012 Apple
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