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Why I’ve moved on from Sprint and the HTC EVO

It’s time to come clean – I have officially given up on HTC, the HTC EVO/HTC One line, and Sprint. It was a long time

July 23, 2013 Editorials, Features, Good and EVO

How to speed up Google Now on your Android device

Google Now is really awesome – but as you use your Android device more, it seems to get slower and slower until it grinds to


For once it makes sense to buy the LG Nexus 4 through T-Mobile, instead of directly through Google Play

Lots of people have been knocking T-Mobile’s pricing strategy for the LG Nexus 4, complaining that it’s much more expensive to purchase the phone through

July 22, 2013 Android, Features, Tips & Deals

Easily enable T-Mobile LTE on the Nexus 4 with a flashable .zip file

Late last year, we found out that the LG Nexus 4 technically did have an LTE radio built into it, but that it wasn’t active.

July 18, 2013 Android

Tip: Add a “92” in front of T-Mobile’s tracking number if you get an error

Imagine this: You’ve been completely dissatisfied with your old cell phone carrier for quite some time, mainly due to a network that’s only getting worse,

July 16, 2013 Android, Tips & Deals

How to enable PIE controls and expanded desktop on CyanogenMod for more screen real estate

Although I’ve quite enjoyed Google’s Nexus devices, one of the few longstanding complaints that I have with the design is that it wastes valuable screen

July 08, 2013 Android, Apps

The white LG Nexus 4 is officially sold out in the Google Play Store

And just like that – almost as quickly as it originally appeared – the white LG Nexus 4 is no longer available in the Google

July 04, 2013 Android

This 3D printed Nexus 4 dock looks more functional than Google’s Orb

I still haven’t used the wireless charging feature of my LG Nexus 4, mostly because I’ve been trying to decide which Qi-enabled charging pad will

June 28, 2013 Accessories, Android

How to enable IPv6 only connectivity on the T-Mobile Nexus 4

IPv6 may not be the most exciting feature to have on your smartphone, but it is certainly an important technology. Does it make much of

June 10, 2013 Android, Tutorials

Resourceful Nexus 4 owner improves battery life with dual batteries

As most Nexus 4 users have found out, while the Google flagship is great at a number of things, battery life is not a strong

June 06, 2013 Android
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