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DriveDroid turns any rooted Android phone into a USB drive with live boot capabilities

As I found out when trying to get my LG Nexus 4 to work with Kubuntu Linux, the MTP and camera transfer modes provided on

May 29, 2013 Android, Apps
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Tip: Save battery on the Nexus 4 by killing the Android Media Server process

Back when I first got my Nexus 4, I found that the Android Mediaserver process was using up quite a bit of my battery. There

May 29, 2013 Android, Hacks
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Google Play will finally add cheaper shipping options

When I first bought my Nexus 4, I was surprised at the fact that I was required to use and pay for two-day shipping for

May 28, 2013 Accessories, Android
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LG isn’t working on a new Nexus 5 yet, but has plenty of other projects

Earlier this month, we reported on some comments about Larry Page and LG that suggested that LG was already working on a new Nexus smartphone,

May 28, 2013 Android
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LG officially releases white Nexus 4, Android 4.3 not included

We’ve heard rumors about a white Nexus 4 since January, when we first saw leaked images of the device. The latest rumor had placed the

May 28, 2013 Android
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The LG Nexus 4 lacks a proper heat sink, causing overheating and throttling

I’ve been trying to find out more about the Nexus 4’s overheating problem for the past few days, and just recently noticed that the Nexus

May 23, 2013 Android, Hacks
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Using the Nexus 7 charger with the Nexus 4 may cause overheating

  Just a little while ago, I began to notice my Nexus 4 heating up a bit around the back of the device. The problem

May 22, 2013 Android
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White Nexus 4 spotted again, scheduled for June 10 release with Android 4.3

We don’t usually put too much stock in rumors and hearsay, but when certain devices continue to leak and show up different places, it becomes

May 16, 2013 Android
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Larry Page purportedly in talks with LG about the next Nexus phone

We’ve been following the saga of the Google/Motorola X Phone for some time, and even heard what Larry Page had to say about future devices

May 07, 2013 Android
nexus-4-hardware7-608x456 19

The Nexus 4’s supposed overheating problem has appeared on my device

I first read reports that the LG Nexus 4 supposedly had an overheating problem when covering another supposed flaw which would cause the rear glass to

May 06, 2013 Android
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