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Poll: Which phone should we drown and try to save with the Reviveaphone kit?

Dropping your phone in water sucks. There are a number of remedies to fix a waterlogged phone, but unfortunately, the strategies are very hit-or-miss. A bag

February 27, 2014 Android, Apple, Microsoft
lumia 520 3 Nokia Lumia 520 review Overall Score

Nokia Lumia 520 review

I personally think 2013 was the year of the budget phone. A number of manufacturers, including Motorola and Nokia, broke into the budget handset market

February 11, 2014 Microsoft, Reviews
lumia 1

Microsoft offering Nokia Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 for free with iPhone or Galaxy S2 trade-in

If you’re itching to get rid of your old smartphone to switch to a new Windows Phone, you’re in luck: Microsoft is currently holding a

February 06, 2014 Apple, Microsoft, Tips & Deals
Nokia Logo 0

HTC sales ban in Germany has been struck down

Finally – HTC has caught a break. After being banned last month from selling any Android devices in Germany due to a patent dispute with

January 15, 2014 Android, Good and EVO
Lumia 520 3

Nokia Lumia 520 first impressions

Last week, Microsoft started selling the Nokia Lumia 520 again after a long hiatus – and at a $40 discount, to boot. I took advantage

December 16, 2013 Microsoft
Nokia Lumia 520 2

Deal Alert: Microsoft Store selling Nokia Lumia 520 off-contract for $59

If you’re still looking to take advantage of a deal from Microsoft after Monday’s disappointing $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro sale, here’s some good news:

December 11, 2013 Microsoft, Tips & Deals
Nokia Logo 1

HTC One mini sales to be blocked in UK starting December 6

In a blow to the already-struggling Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, a British court has ruled that HTC must stop selling the HTC One mini in the

December 03, 2013 Android, Good and EVO
The pad feature 5 GMYLE Power Qi wireless charging pad review Overall Score

GMYLE Power Qi wireless charging pad review

The following post is a guest review from Pocketables reader, commenter, and forum member JRDEMASKUS. If you are interested in submitting a guest review of your own,

August 07, 2013 Accessories, Microsoft, Reviews
wide_Jolla_devices 1

Jolla actually made a Sailfish smartphone with Android app compatibility

Few people probably remember Jolla, the Finnish company comprised of many who left Nokia after the Windows Phone deal. Instead of producing Windows devices, the

May 20, 2013 Linux
Nokia Lumia Commercial Snap 4

New Windows Phone commercial makes fun of both Apple and Android users

It isn’t new for Microsoft to make fun of its competitors, but the latest Windows Phone commercial from Redmond takes the cake – literally. What

April 29, 2013 Android, Apple, Microsoft
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