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Android Wear 3

Android Wear 5.0.2 rolls out to LG G Watch, Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3, and more

Android Wear owners might be glancing at their wrists a bit more often today, as they wait for a new software update to arrive. So

February 20, 2015 Accessories, Android, Software Updates
walkman-nwz-x2 4

Sony resurrects the Walkman as a $1,200 Android media player

Unsurprisingly, as smartphone ownership grows more and more common, the need for dedicated music players has waned significantly since the glory days of the iPod, and

January 09, 2015 Android
handheld gaming consoles 11

Are handheld gaming consoles really, truly dead?

I recently sold my third-generation Apple iPad. Without going into much detail (since you can read all about it here), I’ll say this: everything I

October 28, 2013 Apps, Editorials
Sony Experia Z Ultra 9

If HTC really wants to woo developers, it needs to follow in Sony’s footsteps

For a long time now, HTC has been pretending to cater to the developer crowd. For example, it started a few years ago as a

August 08, 2013 Android, Editorials, Good and EVO
18_Xperia_Z_Ultra_Water_Horiz 6

Sony’s latest smartphone is the 6.4-inch Xperia Z Ultra

A couple of days ago, Sony unveiled its latest smartphone, the Xperia Z Ultra. The new device is a true tabletphone, sporting a 6.4-inch display

June 27, 2013 Android
CES 2013 Hybrids 5

Wide variety of Windows 8 hybrids made appearance at CES 2013 [Videos]

The 2013 International CES showcased a vast number of Windows 8 PCs, from the occasional desktop to laptops/Ultrabooks, tablets, and hybrids of every sort. Of

January 15, 2013 Microsoft, Tablets
sony 5

Sony Mobile might abandon low-end smartphone market, says executive

In terms of the best-selling smartphone manufacturers, Sony ranks third in the world behind Apple and Samsung. To stay there, it seems that the maker

January 11, 2013 Android
Sony Xperia Z 3

Huawei and Sony say size matters at CES 2013

We knew it was coming for a while, but it’s finally here: with the Samsung Galaxy Note II and HTC Droid DNA, the era of

January 07, 2013 Android

HTC EVO 4G LTE is now officially PlayStation certified (kind of)

We knew it was coming, and now it’s finally here: the HTC EVO 4G LTE is now officially PlayStation certified, meaning the latest EVO now

December 12, 2012 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

Which tablet should I buy? [Holiday edition]

Earlier this week, I brought up some questions you need to ask yourself if you are in the market for a new tablet. Now that you

November 21, 2012 Features, Tablets
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