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Microsoft Surface Power Cover available March 19th for $199

  When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 2, it also introduced a number of new Cover accessories to go with it, including the Surface Power

March 10, 2014 Accessories, Laptops, Microsoft
Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro isn’t the professional product Microsoft wants it to be

I’ve had my original Microsoft Surface Pro for a little over three months. It’s been a great device, doing everything from Netflix to Microsoft OneNote

November 14, 2013 Editorials, Microsoft
Tablet_Buying_guide_L 11

Which tablet should I buy? [Holiday edition]

Earlier this week, I brought up some questions you need to ask yourself if you are in the market for a new tablet. Now that you

November 21, 2012 Features, Tablets
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If the Lightning connector is so small, why is there only one on each iPad?

Apple’s supposed reason for changing its 30 pin connector to the Lightning connector is size. It’s smaller, so it takes up less space. That makes

November 16, 2012 Accessories, Apple
surface-ipad-ad 7

New Surface/iPad promo spoof makes fun of iPad mini ad

Apple has an iPad mini ad that shows a full sized iPad and an iPad mini play a duet on piano. The ad didn’t get

November 12, 2012 Apple, Microsoft, Tablets
Xbox Music 2

Microsoft launches Xbox Music, going multi-platform in 2013

Microsoft is launching Xbox Music on October 16, ahead of the Windows 8 launch on October 25 and the Windows Phone 8 launch on October 29.

October 14, 2012 Android, Apple, Apps, Microsoft
Microsoft Surface 18

Which will you choose: Windows 8 or Windows RT?

In exactly one month, Microsoft will make Windows 8 available for purchase and retailers around the world will begin selling new desktops, laptops, and tablets

September 26, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets
081712_1654_WindowsRTta1.jpg 4

Windows RT tablets will cost $200-$300 less than their Intel-based counterparts, says Lenovo

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lenovo’s North American Senior Vice President David Schmoock revealed that Windows RT tablets will cost somewhere between $200 to $300

August 17, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets
081412_2023_199Surfacep1.jpg 1

$199 Surface pricing is theoretically possible but highly unlikely

Excitement about the Microsoft Surface continues to be very high – to the point where some manufacturers have become understandably jealous and somewhat worried –

August 14, 2012 Editorials, Microsoft, Tablets
081312_2337_WindowsRTPC1.png 1

Windows RT PCs can go up to 17 days without charging (and other stats)

Microsoft and its partners have been busy talking about Windows 8 and the various Intel-based devices it will run on, but the ARM-based Windows RT

August 13, 2012 Microsoft, Tablets
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