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T-Mobile and HTC sold out of HTC One, Sprint and AT&T still have some

If you’ve been dragging your feet on your HTC One preorder, you may want to just go ahead and pull the trigger. That’s because the

April 10, 2013 Android, Good and EVO
HTC One 25

Reminder: HTC One preorders start today

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the HTC One – which, for all intents and purposes, is probably the successor to the

April 05, 2013 Android, Good and EVO
verizon_ceo 13

Verizon’s CEO is open to a no-contract market, but only if consumers ask for it

Remember just last month when John pointed out why T-Mobile is now the US carrier to beat? Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam, who said in January

April 05, 2013 Android, Editorials

HTC One Monday news roundup: Here’s what we missed

While most of us at Pocketables were busy enjoying the holiday weekend with our families, quite a few pieces of HTC One news happened to

April 01, 2013 Android, Features, Good and EVO
T-Mobile LTE speed tests 0

T-Mobile LTE is now live in Phoenix and San Jose, more cities on the way very soon [Updated]

According to reports from T-Mobile users on the ground, the nation’s fourth largest mobile carrier has now made its LTE network available to those with

March 26, 2013 Android

With its new plans, T-Mobile just became the carrier to beat

T-Mobile’s new no-contract pricing plans just went into effect this morning, and if they are successful as I predict they’ll be, then I truly believe

March 25, 2013 Android, Editorials, Features
fcc-logo 4

FCC will investigate ban on cell phone unlocking [Updated]

Following up with our previous report on a White House petition to make unlocking cell phones legal once again, it looks as if the FCC

March 04, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
free-nexus-4 0

LG Nexus 4 is now free online from T-Mobile this weekend

Earlier this month, T-Mobile reduced the price of the LG Nexus 4 down to only $50 for all new customers. Even though the Nexus 4

February 22, 2013 Android, Tips & Deals
sprint slowdown 45

What’s your network carrier experience?

I realize that many people are becoming particularly ticked off with Sprint, but I think I’ve been fixating on the problem as opposed to the

January 31, 2013 Good and EVO
t-mobile-lte 1

Evidence of T-Mobile’s initial LTE testing found in Kansas City

I’ve discussed before how I’m perfectly content with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds on my Nexus 4 at least for the time being, but the opinion of

January 30, 2013 Android
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