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T-Mobile to offer iPhone, cut subsidies in three to four months

In addition to T-Mobile’s earlier CES announcements – wherein the company announced the launch of its new HD voice and LTE networks, as well as

January 09, 2013 Apple
t-mobile-logo 2

T-Mobile gets ready to launch LTE, while HD voice and unlimited 4G with no contract available now

T-Mobile had quite a big day at CES today. Setting its sights on rising above its fourth place position and truly becoming a player that

January 09, 2013 Android
verizon-wireless-logo 1

Verizon executive says selling phones off contract is a “great thing,” will watch T-Mobile along with AT&T before acting

For quite a while, plenty of people have been touting the benefits of going off contract and buying smartphones outright, including here at Pocketables. Recently,

January 08, 2013 Android
T-Mobile-Logo1 1

T-Mobile prepares 14 more cities for future iPhones with HSPA+ upgrades

At the beginning of December, T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom announced that it would start selling Apple products in 2013. Naturally, neither company said exactly which iDevices

December 20, 2012 Apple
nexus-4-speedtest 1

What lack of LTE? HSPA+ speeds on the LG Nexus 4 are still very good

The LG Nexus 4 is without a doubt a very good Android smartphone, but the lack of LTE is a major cause for concern for

December 17, 2012 Android, Editorials
t-mobile-voicemail 8

How to disable T-Mobile voicemail for a better Google Voice experience on the LG Nexus 4

Although I’m a huge fan of T-Mobile’s $30 “unlimited” data/100 minutes no-contract smartphone data plan, I’m not such a huge fan of T-Mobile’s voice mail service. I’ve

December 14, 2012 Android, Tips & Deals
T-Mobile Value Plans strategy 8

T-Mobile picked the perfect time to stop subsidizing handsets

In case you haven’t heard yet, T-Mobile plans to stop subsidizing phones in 2013. Yes, you read that right. Now that you’ve had time to

December 07, 2012 Android
tmob 5

Deutsche Telekom announces T-Mobile to begin selling Apple products in 2013

Just a couple weeks after T-Mobile COO Jim Alling told investors that carrying Apple’s incredibly popular iPhone wasn’t worth the risks involved, T-Mobile’s parent company

December 06, 2012 Apple
t-mobile-logo 5

T-Mobile COO says iPhone isn’t worth the sacrifices needed to officially carry it

Of the four biggest US national carriers, T-Mobile is the only one to currently not (officially) carry Apple’s incredibly popular iPhone. There have been countless

November 21, 2012 Apple
tmobilefree 1

Deal Alert: T-Mobile selling on-contract Samsung phones for free through tomorrow

Along with being a great way to catch up with friends and family that you may or may not care for, Facebook is also starting

November 16, 2012 Android, Tips & Deals
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