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Tasker is an automation app for Android. It allows you to do all sorts of things, from automating everyday tasks to creating your own Android apps from within the app. It has a thousand uses, so our coverage of it is quite extensive.

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The Clipless Kickstarter project and its implications for Tasker NFC use

The Clipless is an interesting project that’s on Kickstarter to get funding right now, and have actually already reached the funding goal. It’s a mounting

June 11, 2013 Accessories, Android, Apps

Reader request: A smarter flip-to-mute feature in Tasker

Over the weekend I got an email from a reader, Kapil, regarding a problem he has in Tasker. One of the most common Tasker profiles

June 10, 2013 Apps

Tips and tricks for debugging your Tasker creations

I get a lot of questions from people who’ve either recreated something or made something from scratch in Tasker, only to find out that it

June 07, 2013 Android, Apps

How to get started with EventGhost, AutoRemote, and Tasker [Video]

EventGhost is a Tasker-like app for Windows computers. There’s an AutoRemote plug-in for it, meaning that it can communicate both ways with Tasker on an

June 05, 2013 Android, Apps

AutoLocation Tasker plug-in brings new Google location features to Tasker

A few weeks ago, Google announced the availability of some new location APIs for Android, allowing developers to access various location based information. Quickly after

June 03, 2013 Android, Apps

Adding a recipe book option to my Tasker-based todo list

My Tasker-created todo list is one of my most used Tasker creations, and I’ve occasionally used it as an example in posts and written about

June 03, 2013 Android, Apps

Quick Tasker tip: Comma separated values and arrays are good friends

Variables in Tasker are hard enough to grasp already, and then arrays show up to make it even harder. That’s a pity, since both are vital for

May 31, 2013 Android, Apps

The current state of Nelly, my Tasker voice assistant

Nelly is the name I gave my Tasker voice assistant back when I made it last year. She’s made cameos in other posts since then,

May 30, 2013 Android, Apps

Does Tasker have a place in PC games?

One of the most important differences between console games and PC games for me is mods. Some of the biggest titles out there, like Skyrim,

May 30, 2013 Android, Apps

What Tasker topics would you like to see covered?

Of the 120 or so Tasker posts on the site (the most important of which are available here), the vast majority of them are written

May 29, 2013 Android, Apps
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