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Tasker is an automation app for Android. It allows you to do all sorts of things, from automating everyday tasks to creating your own Android apps from within the app. It has a thousand uses, so our coverage of it is quite extensive.

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Beginner’s guide to Tasker, part 1.5: Tasker basics (New UI)

Back in 2012, I wrote a beginner’s guide to Tasker that currently consists of 7 parts. With the UI overhaul that Tasker got a couple

Screenshot_2013-05-15-07-23-54 0

Quick Tasker tip: How to use multiple command filters in AutoVoice contexts

Wondering how you can use more than one possible command filter (trigger term) when creating AutoVoice contexts in Tasker? It’s actually very easy!

May 14, 2013 Android, Apps
GLaDOS-glados-30391393-1920-1200 3

How to use Portal sound effects in Tasker [Video]

After posting his initial AutoVoice home automation video, Doug Gregory posted another awesome video, where he uses sound effects and graphics from the Portal video

May 14, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

How to use Google Now from AutoVoice using AutoShare and Tasker

AutoVoice has gotten a lot of attention lately, as it should. More and more people are looking into creating their voice assistant after seeing what

May 13, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
audio player dead man switch 7

Creating an audio player dead man’s switch using a BT headset, Tasker, and AutoVoice

Many people, me included, like falling asleep to some sort of audio, be it music, a podcast, an audio book, or something else. Tat is

christopher magnetic phone 9

Use Tasker’s Magnetic Field context as a makeshift NFC replacement

One of our readers, Christopher, emailed me a couple of days ago about a brilliant idea he had for Tasker. He has modified a case

May 09, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

How to use the AutoVoice Tasker plug-in

Update: This guide is no longer relevant as I have released a more extensive, more up-to-date guide for AutoVoice, located here.  It’s not that long

May 08, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO
tasker-home-automation 4

Check out this awesome Tasker/AutoVoice home automation setup

I’ve had the pleasure of having a Tasker-controlled home automation system for a while now, and I’ve been loving it. My tiny student apartment isn’t

May 07, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

How to create an SMS-triggered wake up alarm in Tasker

Last month, The Office actor B.J. Novak tweeted about wanting a feature where you could send an SMS with “wake up” to someone, and have

May 06, 2013 Android, Apps, Good and EVO

How to one-up the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a voice controlled call answer feature in Tasker

Ok, so you already know how to replicate the Samsung Galaxy S4’s wave-to-answer feature on any phone using Tasker. That’s all good an well, but

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