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New Sony Vaio P gets revised shipping dates depending on configuration

If you see the new Sony Vaio P in your future and have your heart set on the high-end configuration with the just-as-new 2.13GHz Intel

May 12, 2010 Laptops

Sony sets a date for new ultra mobile Vaio debut

Update: New Sony Vaio P announced. If you've been tossing and turning every night since Sony put up that teaser page a few weeks ago

May 09, 2010 Laptops

No sight of the VAIO P, could be curtains

I may be reading too much into this one, but I was not able to find a VAIO P-series anywhere in the large Sony booth,

January 09, 2010 Laptops

Sony Vaio P getting a nice discount thanks to Verizon

When word leaked out late in 2008 about a new Sony notebook whose size mirrored that of a standard envelope, many gadget freaks could barely

November 04, 2009 Laptops

Save $500 on Sony Vaio P (1.6GHz Atom, 128GB SSD)

If price has been one of the things stopping you from picking up the Sony Vaio P, then head over to SonyStyle with coupon code

October 04, 2009 Laptops

Sony Vaio P WiMAX edition expected this month

Despite what that excessively veined hand in the image seems to suggest, the message in this Sony Vaio P ad isn't that the mini notebook

July 08, 2009 Laptops

2GHz Atom Z550 benchmarks on Sony Vaio P

The Sony Vaio P recently became available in Japan with Intel's latest and fastest Atom processor, the 2GHz Z550, so it was only a matter

June 13, 2009 Laptops

Sony Vaio P to come with built-in WiMAX

There's no timeframe publicly cited for this, but Sony Japan and UQ Communications are currently working on getting the Vaio P mini notebook outfitted with

June 09, 2009 Laptops

Sony releases XP drivers for Japanese Vaio P models

Following Sony Japan's recent addition of Windows XP as an OS option for the Vaio P mini notebook, the company has just made the XP

June 01, 2009 Laptops

Sony Vaio P gets Windows XP option

Sony continues to step up the options for its Vaio P mini notebook. In addition to all the colorful choices and pick of processors we

May 26, 2009 Laptops
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