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Dell dropping Android in favor of Windows 8

This might come as a shocker to some, or obvious to others, but the CEO and founder of Dell has dropped the hammer on Android

October 14, 2011 Android, Microsoft, Tablets

Dell chooses Windows 8 over Android for tablets

Dell is a manufacturer known mostly for their desktop and laptop PCs, but lately they have begun branching out into the tablet market. Their Dell

October 14, 2011 Android, Microsoft, UMPC

Kohjinsha SC3 runs Windows 8 wonderfully

While UMPCs have basically gone away, we still have a sweetspot for news stories about them. So when we found that the Kohjinsha SC3 is among

October 08, 2011 Features, Microsoft, UMPC

Adobe Touch Apps preview

  Adobe is showcasing their newest creations today at their Adobe Max keynote, and I have to say that this promo video of Photoshop looks pretty

October 03, 2011 Android, Apple, Microsoft, Tablets

Windows 8 is runnable from a USB stick, opens doors for MIDs past

In case you haven't heard, a Windows 8 beta is available to download right now. It's only going to be running on Intel processors, but

September 21, 2011 Microsoft

Solar-powered Intel processor could vastly improve battery life

Earlier this week at their 2011 developer form, Intel demonstrated a processor that blew my mind. It was not a 5-core power saving processor or

September 20, 2011 Linux, Microsoft

NVIDIA Kal-El processors will be quad-core, have a companion core, too

One of the sad truths about mobile technology is typically this: the more processing power you have available to you, the less efficient your device

September 20, 2011 Android, Microsoft

iOS 5 faces off against the upcoming Windows 8

Even though these two OS versions aren’t available for mass consumption yet, the group over at WinRumors have put together a nicely detailed video letting

September 16, 2011 Microsoft, Tablets

7-inch tablets are on the rise

This chart is so cool. It shows the screen size distribution through all tablets that were sold starting in May of 2009 to February of

September 15, 2011 Android, Microsoft, UMPC

Microsoft pulls back the covers on Windows 8, releases developer preview

After months of anticipation, Microsoft has finally pulled the wraps off of the next version of Windows. The OS is currently dubbed Windows 8, but

September 14, 2011 Microsoft, Tablets
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