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Tasker – Android automation

What can we do with Tasker? You are reading this post because you are not a programmer, and you would like to do something, that cannot

April 07, 2016 Android, Tasker, Tutorials

Tasker in details (Projects, Profiles, Tasks, Scenes & Variables)

Most elements in Tasker can be interacted with by tapping on them, or long pressing. This will enable additional settings and properties, import/export menu, copy

April 07, 2016 Android, Tasker, Tutorials

Tasker – Your first profile

Tasker – How does it work? Tasker runs quietly in the background, monitoring all activities performed on your mobile device.  User created profiles contain conditions

April 07, 2016 Android, Tasker, Tutorials

Fix: Windows 10, keyboard disconnecting, usb disconnect sound, num lock light going on and off

The symptoms: num lock light goes off after a couple of seconds. Keyboard disconnecting then happens for a couple of seconds you might hear the USB

April 04, 2016 Good and EVO, Tutorials
Update are disabled by the administrator 2

How to fix Chrome updates not functioning after infection

One of my computers got infected a few weeks back with some malware. The malware got through a  corporate AV firewall, Microsoft Security Essentials, and

July 10, 2015 Good and EVO, Tutorials
What a comic book might look like 3

How to create a Windows comic book server for iOS or Android

If you’ve got an iPad or Android device with limited internal storage and like reading CBR/CBZ format comic books, chances are you’ve been in the

June 22, 2015 Good and EVO, Tutorials
Logcat, or STFU 0

How to submit a useful bug report on Android

“Logcat or GTFO,” is a common phrase when you’re browsing through development forums for help with a problem. It might seem as though this is

April 09, 2015 Android, Good and EVO, Tutorials
TCP-IP settings 1

Windows: Fixing your internet connection after an infection

I got a call from my little brother whose Windows system was shot. He’d evidently installed a game, that game installed a toolbar, that toolbar installed an

March 10, 2015 Microsoft, Tutorials
Have you seen me 0

How to fix Android not mounting as a drive

This is for Android 4.4+ devices that were mounting as a drive, and then something changed. There are other reasons an Android device might not

January 29, 2015 Android, Good and EVO, Tutorials
HTC Sync Manager Monitor Service 1

How to disable HTC Sync Manager w/o uninstalling

If you’re a root user, or considering becoming one, you’ve probably read many instructions to uninstall HTC Sync Manager, or potentially kiss your phone goodbye

February 24, 2014 Android, Good and EVO, Tutorials
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