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Palm Treo 755p priced at $280

Thanks to a reader who emailed me with a question about the latest Treo, I landed on the front page of the Palm website tonight

May 08, 2007 webOS

Treo without a camera

Perhaps to appeal to business professionals whose workplaces frown upon gadgets equipped with cameras for privacy reasons, it seems that Palm offers all of its

March 07, 2007 webOS

Palm LifeDrive marked EOL two weeks ago

Geez. Talk about a quiet death. On January 15, the 4GB LifeDrive mobile manager was unceremoniously given EOL (end of life) status. I’ve never bothered

January 30, 2007 webOS

Uh, Cingular . . . remember the Treo 750?

It turns out that Cingular has a wandering eye. Just two days after the Treo 750 was launched (to a significant amount of fanfare, I

January 10, 2007 webOS

Cingular launches Treo 750

Starting tomorrow, you can waltz into your local Cingular shop or click over to and get yourself the new Treo 750.  The 750 is

January 07, 2007 webOS

Palm CES blogging contest for free Treo

Palm recently created a micro blog specifically for CES 2007 and starting tomorrow is holding a blogging contest for "guest authors" to win 1 of

January 04, 2007 webOS

Free Treo 680 from

Before the Treo 680 became part of any mobile carrier’s family, it was rumored that Cingular might give the device away for free with new

December 08, 2006 webOS

Treo trade: 650 for 680

Now that the Treo 680 smartphone is finally available to take home, what are you gonna do with that crusty old 650? If it still

November 28, 2006 webOS

Treo 680 available on Black Friday

The road between press release and in-store availability has been a rocky one for the Palm Treo 680. Last month, word on the web was

November 21, 2006 webOS

Treo 680 hits Cingular on November 5

Remember all the back and forth between Palm and the carriers that wanted to add the upcoming Treo 680 to their offerings? No problem if

October 30, 2006 webOS
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