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Google Home Continued Conversation available now

I spotted the feature yesterday in the Google Home app but was too busy with working to disable Google Assistant automatically and a bunch of

June 22, 2018 Google

XBOX One X’s VR future appears over before it began

After pushing the XBOX One X as the next generation of consoles capable of handling the high processor demands of VR, 4K, and beyond… it

June 21, 2018 Microsoft

How to automatically enable/disable OK Google detection (without root)

So after telling everyone to get off my lawn I decided to delve into this problem I’ve been running into and take control of my

June 21, 2018 How To, Tasker

Badly needed: turn off hotword detection in smart assistants

If you’ve got kids and a voice assistant, you’ve probably got various attempts at them activating things like Google Home, music, turning on a light

June 21, 2018 Editorials
Supreme Court 1

Supreme Court rules states can tax Internet sales higher

This is listed as developing as of this writing so I don’t have a lot of background info on it, but states have evidently won

June 21, 2018 News
Google Podcasts 2

Google releases dedicated Podcasts shortcut

I f you’ll recall, Google recently got into the podcasts game, and did it pretty well for a first day app from within Assistant. Today,

June 19, 2018 Apps, Google

YouTube Music is out, but it’s not ready

YouTube Music, Google’s new take on music streaming, is now out in 17 countries. The launch includes the new YouTube Music service, as well as

June 19, 2018 News

Google Home and Chromecast can give away your home location

File this under possible, being patched, and not currently being exploited in the wild. Chromecast and Google Home can be exploited to give your physical

June 18, 2018 Google, Hacks

Tasker Variable, that you may not care for

Today, I made a silly mistake. I posted a video revealing URL to my NodeRED server. Thankfully, Parth messaged me straight away and I removed the

June 18, 2018 Pocketables, Tasker, Tutorials
Fortnite 0

Fortnite available now on the Nintendo Switch (free)

Fortnite has made it to the Nintendo Switch and for anyone wanting to play a quick battle royale game it’s free, fun, and not in

June 15, 2018 Games, Switch
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