VIZIO SB36512-F6 Premium Home Theater Sound System w/Dolby Atmos review

To preface, per terms of the contract – I was sent a VIZIO SB36512-F6 Premium Home Theater Sound System at no expense to myself for

September 18, 2018 Accessories, Reviews

PSA – 911/Emergency Services and your kids

This is cross-posted from theITbaby, the preeminent news source for oversharing about Paul’s kids and kid gadgets since 2013. We were out at a children’s

September 17, 2018 Pocketables
Sense Home Energy Monitor 0

9 things I’ve done with the Sense Home Energy Monitor that aren’t listed as selling points

Every time I see an advertisement for the Sense Home Energy Monitor there’s always the same slew of comments from people who haven’t used it.

September 14, 2018 Accessories, How To
Beuler Cold Flash for Hot Flashes Review 1

Take an electronic ice cube wherever you go with Cold-Flash

You can think of the Bueler Cold-Flash as a portable electronic ice cube, and it’s primarily aimed at hot flash sufferers as a way to

September 14, 2018 Accessories, Health, Reviews
YTTV The rain 0

Comparing local OTA/HDHomeRun Duo screens to YouTube TV

I’d mentioned earlier that in many cases the local channels I’m getting on YouTube TV look kind of meh when compared to what I was

September 14, 2018 Pocketables
Streaming nature 0

Thoughts from an old guy on going from Cable/Satellite to streaming

When I was a kid I had three channels, five after the sun went down. Most of my pre-20’s I had six or seven channels

September 13, 2018 Editorials, Pocketables
Inbox and Gmail 2

Goodbye Inbox, we barely knew you

For the past four years Google’s Inbox has been the experimental playground for features that eventually ended up in Gmail, so it’s not really a

September 12, 2018 Apps, Google
Plex Cloud Server 0

Sorry to rain on your day, Plex Cloud is going away

If you’re not familiar with Plex Cloud, it’s the completely online version of Plex Media Server that served your content from a cloud storage provider

September 12, 2018 Pocketables
Painter's tape 0

How to (potentially,) cut down on the dust on your electronics and breathe easier

First off this is most likely free to try, as in you probably can do it with stuff you already own and two minutes of

September 12, 2018 Health, How To
Playstation 4 Pro Spiderman bundle 1

Just in case you didn’t know, there’s a run on PS4 Pros. Thanks Spider Man.

Just in case you didn’t know it and want to be part of the problem or a profiteer, the release of Marvel’s Spider Man has

September 11, 2018 News
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