Perhaps you’ve heard the good news that Nintendo will release lovely pink DS Lites in mid-July. I’ve read rumors about black ones, too. Anyone else relieved? As is, I think the DS Lite is just about the ugliest thing. Granted, the original DS isn’t a real beauty either (though I do love my pearl pink one), but at least it isn’t boring and sterile and unoriginal. My god, if I see another iPod-esque white device on the market, the police will need to haul me away with cans of spray paint in my hands.

On a side note, when will Nintendo stop releasing redesigned systems without changing anything under the hood? Before the DS, there were 4 systems specifically designed for Game Boy Advance (GBA) cartridges: the original GBA, the redesigned GBA SP, the GBA SP with the brighter screen, and the Game Boy Micro. Now there’s the original DS and the redesigned DS Lite, both of which also accept GBA games. While backward compatibility is always greatly appreciated, do we really need 6 different handhelds that play the same games? And the fact that I currently own 4 of them is beside the point (yes, I’m a sucker for a redesign, but I’m still against the principle!).