I’ve had this pink airfoam case for my Nintendo DS for about 8 months, and I still can’t get enough of it.


In addition to being incredibly well constructed, it’s also nicely designed and a great size considering everything it can hold. A double-sided divider separates the case into two compartments.

Dsc00913 Dsc00914

Dsc00911 Dsc00912

One side of the nylon divider features two straps to hold the top half of the DS. A long strap already holds the bottom of the DS into place, so the only purpose the top straps serve is to pull the DS open as you open the case. Not a necessary feature, but nice if you’re too lazy to open the DS yourself. On the other side of the divider is a zippered net pocket that can hold 18 DS games if you don’t mind stacking them (6 games if you prefer a single layer) or 8 GBA games (4 if you don’t want to stack). You can try to store the AC adapter instead, but you really, really, really have to stuff it in. Velcro strips allow you to attach the divider to the underside of the case’s top, creating another small space that can be used to keep a few instruction booklets.


The case adds a fair amount of bulk to the already chunky NDS, but there’s little point in having a slim case if you have to carry all of your games separately.


I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear this on their belt, but if you feel inclined to do so, there are two belt loops sewn into the back of the case. There’s also a ring on the corner that a wrist strap can hook onto.

The Nintendo DS airfoam case is available in a variety of colors for between $10 and $15.