Just because your favorite candidate may not have won yesterday’s election doesn’t mean that the polls are closed. Time magazine is making the most of voting season by holding its Gadget of the Year 2006 race based on picks from its resident gadget guy, Wilson Rothman. In the running are the Logitech VX Revolution mouse, Sanyo HD1 digital media camera, Apple MacBook Pro, Nintendo DS Lite, Logitech Wireless DJ music system, Nike + iPod sport kit, Garmin StreetPilot c550, and Palm Treo 700w.

I don’t know how much longer the polls will be open, but in truth, it doesn’t really matter. The DS Lite already has an astonishing 58% of the votes! In second place is the MacBook, with just 28% of all votes. And it looks like Treo folks aren’t voting folks: only 1% have selected the 700w.

Even though it’s probably too late to change the course of this landslide, you can still cast your vote here.