UPDATE 07.06.07: Get the Reader here for just $50 after being approved for a Sony Card (via MobileRead).

If you’ve been thinking about buying the Sony Portable Reader (PRS-500) but haven’t been able to justify its original $350 asking price, then get out your credit card right now and click over to TigerDirect.


Don’t let the "5-inch Display" typo scare you. What you’re seeing really is the 9-ounce Reader, which stores up to 80 eBooks on 64MB of internal memory (plus countless more on removable memory sticks and SD cards) and displays each one with breakthrough "e-ink" clarity on the unit’s 6-inch screen, available right now for just $100.


Buy it before July 31st and you can even swoop in on Sony’s CONNECT eBook offer, which will get you $149 worth of free eBooks to fill up your new Portable Reader.

I don’t know what TigerDirect’s stock is like, but my husband just made it drop by one.