Following the recent leak of the Archos 7 Android by a UK retailer, Carrypad has learned from Archos' German PR reps that the company plans to introduce two new Android tablets at the upcoming CeBIT trade show in March. A translation of the German text states: "Archos will introduce two brand new low-cost Android Tablets that have been specifically designed for use at home."

Assuming one of these devices is the 7 Android, the question marks are surrounding the second device with the "home use" description implying that Archos may be working on an even larger tablet, perhaps around 9 inches, to compete with devices such as the iPad.

Going back to the Archos 7 Android, some new rumors suggest it will feature a new, different design to the Archos 5 Android and not simply be an enlargement of its 5-inch counterpart. We'll be watching with interest to see what Archos has up its sleeve early next month.