Ooh, look at this! SonyStyle Japan has just put up a teaser page announcing that a new ultra mobile Vaio (I don't do the all-caps thing) is coming soon . . . and leaves the rest to our wild imaginations.

Is it the new Vaio P we caught a glimpse of last month? How about the rumored PSP phone or PSP/ereader hybrid? The Halloween-inspired color scheme of the teaser graphic actually makes me think that a powerful Vaio-branded successor to the mylo com-2 could be in the pipeline, though that doesn't address that orange paperclip-looking thing on the left. Paperclips are associated with stacks of paper, which when bound become tablets/notebooks, so an iPad competitor is certainly possible (especially since it's already supposedly in the works). The image could also allude to Sony's flexible OLED concepts shown at various shows last year, as suggested by my Twitter pal @Jaredu, though it seems unlikely and a little too obscure to me.

I would really love to see an updated UX Micro PC and/or Atom-powered MID with a slider or slide-and-tilt form factor and QWERTY keyboard, but that doesn't exactly jibe with Tablet Mania 2010. So I'll hope for that but brace myself for a slate with a screen too big to talk about here. What do you hope to see from Sony and what do you think it will actually be?

[SonyStyle Japan via Netbooked]