I don't know what's worse: finding no third-party accessories for the HTC EVO 4G or seeing a few cases marketed for it but shown with the iPhone.

Now granted, the Universal Pocket Phone Holder (above) and SoftSuit (below) are just general one-size-fits-most cases, but I certainly don't expect to see the iPhone peeking out of the pouches that appear in the EVO accessory section of a website. I also wonder how well the EVO will even fit in those cases. My EVO isn't here yet (arrives tomorrow!) but I do have the iPhone 3GS and HTC HD2, which are not even close to being the same size. Both cases look to be made of stretchy neoprene, though, so I'm sure the EVO can be stuffed in.


In any case, I'm waiting for some real EVO accessories like the ones that were leaked last month to become available.