Evo_sense I suppose it's only fitting that the split-second decision I made to buy the HTC EVO 4G is being followed by a split-second decision that snowballed into creating this site.

Good and EVO—or G&E as I like to call it— is my first attempt at maintaining a website dedicated to a single gadget. I've been running Pocketables, my mobile device site, for the past four years (it's my full-time job), yet G&E feels like a brand new adventure for me. I really like the idea of focusing on a single device, but it kind of intimidates me too. I hope I don't run out of things to write about!

Actually, I have a feeling that it's not possible to run out of new things to say, new tricks to learn, or new ways to adore the EVO, as it's undoubtedly the greatest Android smart/superphone to date.

With G&E, I hope to provide comprehensive feature-specific reviews, regular usage notes, real-world experiences, tweaks, tutorials, and select news about the HTC EVO. It won't happen overnight, but stick with me because it will happen.