Empty-shelvesI know the HTC EVO is still about two weeks away from being released, but I'm not even seeing any placeholder pages or "coming soon" teasers for cases and other items on my go-to accessory brands' websites.

Sure, there are a couple of screen guards and some colorful silicone cases from a company I've never heard of on Amazon as well as a selection of generic universal cases on eBay, but I'm talking about heavy hitters like Vaja, Noreve, Proporta, and even PDair to an extent. With my EVO arriving in a matter of days, I would've liked to have had a few welcoming gifts waiting for it or at least something on the way.

I have a couple of HTC HD2 cases that may work in the meantime, but I definitely want something specifically designed for the EVO as soon as possible, especially if the Sprint cases won't be available until the device is released. I prefer pouches to cases that aren't meant to be removed (it's such a waste of gorgeous hardware to cover it up!), but I'm going to try to get a variety of styles to review anyway.