The problem with sending photos using the Gmail and Mail apps on the HTC EVO 4G is that although multiple pics can be attached to an email, each one needs to be selected and subsequently attached one at a time.

In Gmail, you attach photos by tapping Menu -> Attach, selecting an album from the Gallery, and then choosing an image. In Mail, you can attach pictures, videos, audio, location information, and documents by tapping Menu -> Add attachment then selecting the format, source, and other options.

Although the processes are slightly different, they're both cumbersome when you want to email someone more than one photo. It takes 4 screen taps to attach just 1 image. Multiply that by the number of photos you want to send, and that's just too many taps. You shouldn't have to tap the screen 20 times just to add 5 photos to an email.

And luckily, you don't have to.

Here's an easy way to select multiple photos and attach them all at once into an email composed in Gmail or Mail.

1. Open the Gallery app on your EVO.

2. Choose the album you want to send photos from or select the "All photos" album if the pictures are in multiple albums.


3. Tap the Share icon (the circle with the two arrows) at the bottom of the Gallery interface.


4. All of the ways your photos can be shared will appear in a pop-up menu. Select Gmail or Mail, depending on your email account.


5. Tap all the photos you want to send.

The option to select multiple items like this is not given in Gmail or Mail, as you can see below:


Notice the "Select a single item" header here compared to the "Select one or more items" header shown above it.

When you've selected all your photos, press the Next button at the bottom of the screen.


6. Now compose your email.