Streak-iphone-connector (1)

One of the first things I did with my Streak was try to plug the 30-pin connector cable for the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into it. The Streak uses a 30-pin cable for charging and connecting to a computer and at first glance (see photo below), the two connectors look identical.

I've had all four iPhones, my husband has two iPod touches, and we have an iPad so there are a lot of those cables lying around. I have two Streak cables now that I have two Streaks but I only had one when I tried it. I was hoping it would fit because proprietary cords are such a pain, especially when you use a lot of mobile devices and everything has its own cord, but as you can see from the photo above (not to mention the title of this post), the iPhone and Streak cables aren't interchangeable.

Streak-iphone-connector (2) 

I know from the emails I've been getting that some of you were hoping that they were, so I wanted to confirm that they aren't before anyone stocked up on iPhone cables from eBay.