Evo-droid-x-kb (1)Although Swype is often cited as the best third-party keyboard available for the HTC EVO 4G, it may be getting some serious competition from the multitouch keyboard that was recently ripped from the upcoming Droid X.

What makes this keyboard interesting is that it lets you press more than one key at a time, which means that you can hold down the Shift key while pressing a letter key to capitalize it (yes, like on the iPhone). Being able to do this actually takes some time to get used to if you have a lot of experience with other on-screen keyboards and/or the Sticky Keys feature in Windows, but it's handy once it becomes second nature.

The original keyboard highlights are red to match the Droid X's color scheme, but enragedpaza from the xda-developers forum just released a modded version with green highlights to match the EVO a little better. A black version is said to be in the works.

Evo-droid-x-kb (2)

Evo-droid-x-kb (3) 

The green version wasn't out when I grabbed the keyboard the other week, so I have the original red one.

Evo-droid-x-kb (4)

I've been using this Droid X keyboard off and on for about a week now, and it's really good. The layout is clean, the keys are large, and the multitouch integration is great. It's definitely worth checking out for yourself.

Need help? See the "How to use a different keyboard on your HTC EVO 4G" tutorial.