Dock_BoardWe know that the Dell Streak's 30-pin connector is not the same as the iPhone/iPod/iPad's 30-pin connector, but what exactly is it then?

There was some chatter in the forums last month about the possibility of it being PDMI and now, after an incident between a Streak home dock and a screwdriver, the suspicion has been confirmed. According to Linuxslate, the fellow who first raised the possibility of PDMI in the forums:

Pin-to-Pin testing shows that the Dock Connector pinout is in agreement with what is shown in [the PDMI] pinout diagram. I cannot confirm presence or absence of the USB 3.0 Pins as these are not brought out to any connector on the Dell Home Dock. With the exception of one tiny 6 pin component associated with the HDMI connector, a few small filter capacitors, and some 0 Ohm protection jumpers, there is no actual circuitry in the dock.

Now the race is on to find out what hackers can do with this information and to track down a company that sells PDMI cables for less than the $19.99 Dell charges for its USB Charge and Sync Cable.

Thanks, John!