No one will want to talk to you on the phone after they find out you can do this, but did you know that you can record phone calls on your HTC EVO 4G? Not only can you start recording before a call is made/received, but you can also do it while you're talking if you happen to decide mid-call that the conversation is worth saving.

If you promise not to blame G&E when your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you because you played a call for your friends or when someone takes you to court for breaking a particular state's law, then you can find out how to do it below.

All you need to do to record calls on your HTC EVO is to fire up the stock Voice Recorder app. You can do this before you make a call or at any time during the call (ah, multitasking).

Evo-record (2)

When you want to start recording, just press the red record button.

Evo-record (1)

And that's it. All you're really doing is running two apps (Voice Recorder and Phone) concurrently, so it's very easy to do.

Evo-record (3)

When you want to stop the recording, press the stop button.

The recording will be automatically saved in .amr format on your SD card in My Documents/My Recordings. You can retrieve the file from the card with a file manager or your computer, or you can share it directly from the Voice Recorder app via email, Bluetooth, or text message.

Thanks, FifthE1ement!