Streak-bb-dell Best Buy has been selling the Dell Streak online for about a week now and will begin carrying it in stores this Sunday, which means more people will know about the device and efforts to promote it should be improved.

We will most likely see it in Best Buy's weekly ads, and maybe it'll even star or at least be featured in a commerical or two, especially with the holidays around the corner. I don't know why there aren't already commericals for it on TV, as Dell has experience in promoting products that aren't available in stores (remember when the only way to buy a Dell computer was through Dell?), but this partnership with Best Buy will obviously result in more exposure for the Streak. And that's definitely a good thing.

Since one apsect of a a healthy business relationship is mutual back-scratching, Dell now has a link to Best Buy's store locator on its Streak product page. It isn't the first thing you'll notice on the page (screenshot below), but it's there with the yellow price tag logo calling attention to itself.


Now when is AT&T going to be added to the list of stores that are "exclusively" carrying the Streak?