The downside to great apps like Circular Battery Indicator and other battery indicators that set up camp in the notifications area on your HTC EVO is that they leave you with having two battery icons in the taskbar/status bar: the stock one and the new one.

But if the only reason you installed an indicator in the first place was because you wanted to be able to see the battery percentage, then why not just add the percentage to the existing icon? If your EVO is rooted and you're running any 2.2 custom ROM based on the HTC build, then you can do it in a matter of minutes.

Important: Anything you do to your rooted EVO is done at your own risk. Make sure you have a current Nandroid backup (tutorial here) before flashing a .zip on your EVO in case you run into problems and need to roll back to your previous setup.

1. Download this Smooth-Sense Battery Only .zip (for Sense ROMs only; CM6 ROM users need this .zip instead) and put it on your SD card.

2. Flash the .zip you just downloaded (tutorial here).

When your EVO reboots, the new and improved battery icon will already be in place. Now you can go back to using that space on your taskbar for real notifications, rather than ongoing tasks.

[xda-developers] Thanks, Man!