Evo-yt-fs A new version of YouTube (2.0.26) that features a redesigned UI and some other niceties is now available in Android Market, but if you prefer to make use of the Adobe Flash support inherent in Froyo, then you probably watch videos directly in the web browser on your HTC EVO 4G.

Whether you watch those vids embedded in websites or straight from the YouTube site, you may have struggled with trying to get them to play in fullscreen mode. The standard controls below the video are very small and can be difficult to tap without zooming. This would be fine except that zooming can sometimes have undesirable effects on the website, as the Flash content often has trouble re-rendering. And even if you are able to tap the fullscreen button, the video doesn't always fill the EVO's screen.

The solution?

  1. Long press the video.
  2. When the translucent strip appears at the top of the video, tap the icon/button on the left.

And that's it. The video will play in landscape, fullscreen mode.

It makes more sense to just use the YouTube app, I know, but you'll be glad you know how to watch fullscreen YouTube without the app when it's the million dollar question in some random Android game show.