Great news, bleeding-edge Dell Streak users! The beta build of a stock Froyo ROM cooked up by Stephen Hyde (also known as DJ_Steve), the head dev appointed to head up the CyanogenMod ROM port for the Streak, is now available for flashing.

It’s vanilla Froyo as anyone familiar with CyanogenMod ROMs would expect and everything is said to be working, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and 3G. There are a few known bugs and issues—this is a beta build, after all—and the installation process isn’t for newbies, but if you know what you’re doing and feel comfortable with voiding your warranty and updating the baseband, then you’ll find instructions and all the files you need in the MoDaCo link below.

There will be official CyanogenMod forum support for this ROM once it hits RC status.

[MoDaCo] Thanks, Brownie & X-Man!