I don't do a lot of specific custom ROM promotion here on G&E (many of you already have your favorites), but the image you see above is so polished compared to how ROMs are usually presented by their devs that I'd like to briefly highlight Myn's Warm TwoPointTwo for all the rooted EVOs out there.

Based on the latest OTA update, the RLS 1 version of the ROM is just a few weeks old and is already getting rave reviews. It's also one of the only ROMs that G&E readers are writing in to tell me about. It's not often that words like "breathtaking," "stunning," "gorgeous," and "enlightening" are used to describe a ROM, but that's what many people are saying about the translucent HTC Sense and launcher mods, iPhone-esque transitions and animations, 270-degree screen rotation, optimized .apks, and other goodies found in Warm TwoPointTwo.

Paired with Kings #9 kernel, the ROM is appallingly smooth and fast. Battery life is described as "superior" as well. I'm still using SteelROM RevG as the daily driver on my rooted EVO, but I flashed Warm TwoPointTwo last week and was very impressed with what I saw.

Grab the ROM to check it out for yourself from the link below.

[xda-developers] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!