Even though the existence of Dell's upcoming 7" Android tablet—commonly referred to as the Looking Glass—isn't a secret (Mr. Dell himself showed it off a few months ago) and the company has said since February that the Streak would be the first in a "family of tablets," there's still something kind of exciting about seeing a 7" Streak mentioned by name on luxury accessory maker Vaja's website.

Accessory companies are fairly common sources for the first set of photos and details about upcoming products, so I don't dismiss Vaja's mention of the device as an oversight, especially since it wasn't there the last time I checked. At the end of September, The Wall Street Journal reported that Dell would be launching its 7" tablet "within the next few weeks," and although I'd say that timeframe has come and gone, I don't think anyone would be surprised to see it launched at CES 2011, presumably at Dell's press conference.

I'll be there if it is and for the sake of StreakSmart's future, I'd love to see it carry on the Streak name as Vaja suggests it will.