Dell-logo Just in case you doubted the legitimacy of the internal emails I posted yesterday about the official Froyo update for AT&T-lock Dell Streaks being delayed until January, Dell has publicly confirmed the date on its Direct2Dell blog.

Well, it's not so much a confirmation as it is an indirect acknowledgment that the update isn't being released this month/year. Dell is careful not to really commit to anything by saying that US owners of the AT&T-locked Streak "will hopefully begin seeing the Froyo update sometime next month."

Notice the words "hopefully" and "sometime" there, which gives the company some semantic leeway in case February rolls around and a lot of you are still looking at Android 1.6 on your Streaks.

I'm still really paranoid about Dell editing and/or deleting Direct2Dell posts, which they've done before, so here's a screencap just in case.


Why do I get the feeling that DJ_Steve will come out with a new custom ROM based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) before AT&T-locked Streaks get Froyo?

[Direct2Dell] Thanks, wrightc88!