Evo-update-12.15_wm Incoming! Get your HTC EVO 4G ready for a new software update.

Sprint began its over-the-air rollout of version 3.70.651.1 today, so if you haven't received the update notification, you now have reason to press the Menu button on your phone and go to Settings -> System updates -> HTC software update -> Check now.

The most well received inclusion in the new build is the popular Swype keyboard, but there's also Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10), Amazon Kindle for Android, the latest Telenav and Visual Voicemail, a demo of Gameloft's NOVA, and a new Scan Now widget for 4G waiting for you too.

Evidence of the update was actually found yesterday, so of course many devs were prepared to update their custom ROMs for all of us with rooted HTC EVOs. In fact, deodexed and odexed versions of the fully rooted and zipaligned stock ROM were released last night. There are also several custom ROMs based on the new update available now, and more are due for release soon. I'm waiting for SteelROM RevI (I'm running RevH1 right now), but I'm sure many of you already have 3.70.651.1 on your HTC EVO.

How's it going so far?

[Sprint] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!