Umid-oob UMID's entire selection of Atom-based mbook MIDs/UMPCs still looks to be available in Korea, but according to an email Pocketables reader Dax received from Dynamism, the company is no longer in business.

"Unfortunately as UMID has recently gone out of business, no more mbook models will be produced, including the M1, BZ, or the previously forthcoming SE"

The UMID mbook SE, with its 1.6GHz Atom CPU and 1GB RAM, was the clamshell computer that many of us wanted the original mbook M1 and mbook BZ to be when it was first announced. Interest in the device (and perhaps Windows-running MIDs in general) has waned since then, likely due in part to the tablet mania that's been sweeping the post-iPad nation, but I know that there were still some people waiting for it.

UMID's official website now redirects to, which has always been the place for the mbook devices, and there's no indication that the company has gone under, so maybe UMID will just carry on exclusively in Korea.

Whatever the case may be, it just got a lot harder to buy a UMID M1, BZ, or SE.

Thanks, Dax!