Streak-lcd-replacement Since accidents happen and there doesn't seem to be a foolproof way to get a Dell Streak replaced or repaired if the screen breaks, you may end up having to take matters into your own hands.

But before your DIY project can begin, you need the right parts.

That's where the keyword-stuffed "original genuine OEM brand new Dell Streak full LCD display monitor screen+touch touchscreen digitizer repair replace replacement" kit comes in. In addition to the LCD and touchscreen, the $150 package includes a housing tool and cross, T5, and T6 screwdrivers.

Instructions on how to use all these parts/tools are not included, however, so you'll need to rely on instinct or study iFixit's Streak teardown before you dive in (at your own risk, of course). The LCD and digitizer are said to have been "taken out from original devices," though according to iFixit, the LCD is bonded to the Gorilla Glass in the front panel "with very strong 3M adhesive."

Since the glass isn't included in the kit, you're unfortunately on your own if that's the only thing you broke.