Evo-battery-bullet While I was thankful for my HTC EVO last week at CES 2011 because it served as a 4G hotspot in my WiFi-less Las Vegas hotel room, two other people were grateful to have their EVOs for much more important reasons than internet connectivity.

In Upper Darby, Philadelphia, police were able to recover a woman's stolen EVO and some other items because the handset was running the free Lookout Mobile Security app, which has a phone finder function. About an hour after the robbery took place, the EVO was tracked down at the thief's home and recovered.

A few days later in Atlanta, Georgia, an HTC EVO literally saved a nightclub valet's life when its battery deflected a bullet that would have otherwise gone straight through the man's chest. The EVO itself is beyond repair and reportedly still with police, but the valet kept the bulletproof battery and plans to get another EVO soon.

Is there anything the EVO can't do?

[CBS Philly | CNN] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!