Last summer, StreakSmart reader Cody hit the road with the Dell Streak riding in a slide-out tray built into his Harley-Davidson Road King. Now, thanks to a heavily modified Dead Center Cycles fairing and a Dell Streak dock, it's the Streak 7's turn.


Unlike the original Streak integration's more custom look, Cody went for a "more integrated/factory look" for the Streak 7 because of its larger screen.

"I opted against a fold out drawer in favor of a fixed and flush integration," he said. "This allows the Streak 7 to vibrate with the bike to lessen the impact of vibrations. This build has been tested at highway speeds, the icons are easy to use, and the music is easy to hear."

Cody plans to turn his attention back to his Dodge Ram and said that this will likely be his last motorcycle build. I wouldn't hold him to that, though; it just wouldn't be fair to the Dell Streak 10.

Thanks, Cody!