Looks like yesterday’s rumor about a possible CTIA-unveiling of the HTC EVO View was most definitely based on solid fact, as I just stumbled upon HTC’s trademark filing for none other than the View 4G.

There’s no specific mention of a tablet in the “Goods and Services” section, which puts the widely held belief that the device is Sprint’s version of the HTC Flyer (an upcoming gadget that does indeed include the words “tablet computers” in its trademark filing) on somewhat shaky ground, but everything else matches up almost perfectly. “Portable computers” is there, though, so unless the View 4G is actually just another name for the EVO 3D (believed to be the next-gen EVO) and HTC hasn’t made up its mind yet, then it makes sense to expect the View to be something other than a smartphone.

At any rate, there are two filings:



And not that anyone expected otherwise, but at least the presence of 4G on this new device is pretty much a lock.

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