Oh, silly BlackBerry PlayBook. Oh, silly RIM.

There are so many potential customers out there who really want the device to be released because of RIM's long history of fantastic email and messaging compatibilities. And I don't blame them; that's one of the reasons I was so excited about the PlayBook, too. 

But now, it seems that email, messaging, and even calendar apps won't be coming natively on the PlayBook at launch. RIM explains that it's more of a security concern with the apps than them not being ready, but I'm fairly positive that statement still means that the apps are unfinished. 

In my opinion, this is a major downfall for the PlayBook and even RIM. The company obviously has a huge reputation as a leader in messaging, and this is a very foolish move on their part. Hopefully, RIM's security department is working hard on getting the security flaws ironed out for a release of these apps within a week of the release of the device itself.