Well, now, what's this? A WiFi-only mobile internet device from Dell bearing the model number M02M002 that just received WiFi certification last week? The Wi-Fi Alliance doesn't lie, folks, and neither does this certificate I found while doing some product searches last night.

You might remember that Dell's M02M, which turned out to be the Streak 7, was outed last year by this very same group of people in charge of enforcing standards of interoperability. That certificate had the "dual-mode (WiFi and cellular)" designation listed as its category, while the M02M002 is clearly shown as belonging to the "single-mode (WiFi only)" group.

It's becoming more common for companies to release WiFi-only versions of their 3G/4G tablets, so although Dell has never mentioned such a variant of the Streak 7 before, it's hardly an unusual move. And now that we know it exists, the wait begins for news of its release date and price.

Update: It's available for preorder for $379 at Amazon. Thanks, MBA!

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